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Campus Map

Campus Map

The ideal environment of our campus allows students to bask in the region's natural beauty and deep history. From our rooftop terraces, one can view the wide Nara plain spreading out to the south alongside Kansai Science City. Our salmon pink school buildings stand out against the backdrop of the verdant forests.

Main Entrance Administration building Faculty of letters and College of Liberal arts study building

1Main Entrance

2Administration building

3Faculty of letters and
College of Liberal arts study

Faculty of Sociology study building Experiment and Training building Classroom building

4Faculty of Sociology study

5Experiment and Training building

6Classroom building

Library Welfare program building Auditorium


8Welfare program building


Graduate school building Computer Center Distance Education building

10Graduate school building

11Computer Center

12Distance Education building

Extracurricular activities center Gymnasium Alumnus hall

13Extracurricular activities center


15Alumnus hall

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