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Announcement of Establishment


An ideal environment cultivated in natural surroundings, and a rich storeroom of important historical documents.

With a total floorspace of 5,488 m2 spread out over three floors above ground and two floors underground, our Library is the repository for a great number of academic texts and journals.
Our entire collection is fully searchable through the library's website. If a document is unavailable locally, you can search a nationwide database provided by the National Institute of Informatics (a national research and educational agency with approximately 1200 participating organizations) and request your document via the national interlibrary loan service.
The exhibition hall on the second floor of the library houses a variety of themed displays of important documents from around the world. The library also houses documents about Nara and cultural properties from all over Japan that concern investigative reports and the history of the prefectures.

Some examples of important documents kept at the library

  • The "Hyakumanto Dharani Sutra", said to be one of the oldest printed materials in the world
  • An original edition of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species"
  • An original edition of Adam Smith's "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"
  • Original printing blocks for ukiyo-e images from the Edo period to the Taisho period.
  • An original edition of Rousseau's "The Social Contract"
  • All nine books in "The Collected Works of Captain James Cook"
  • The "Washu Yoshinoyama Shokei-zu"

Computer Center

Learning in a top of the line computing environment, providing firm support to researchers

Our Computer Center can respond to the needs of our advanced information society with its cutting-edge computer systems, and is fully equipped with the informational devices that can support our students. It is at the Computer Center that the information related classes for each of the academic departments are held, starting with "Information fundamentals and ethics" in the College of Liberal Arts. Any student in these classes will be able to search the Internet to look up research findings inside and outside of the university and exchange information. The center also allows students to set up email accounts and web-based email accounts to use when they are away from the campus. Students are allocated a maximum of 500MB of hard drive space to store their data. The Computer Center also has digital cameras to loan, which students can use in researching and completing their academic assignments. The friendly staff at the Computer Center is available to offer advice on how to use any of the Center's informational devices.


As of April, 2007, the Nara University Museum is open on the 1st floor of the Distance Education building.

In addition to allowing the storage, examination, and research of the academic documents our institution possesses, the museum conducts exhibitions and symposiums, making the university's research findings widely and publicly available throughout the year, and is a place of lifelong learning that contributes a great deal to the region. For students who want to become museum curators, or for students involved in one of our correspondence courses, the museum is extensively used as a place of practical instruction.

Clinical Psychology Clinic

On October 1, 2007, the Nara University Clinical Psychology Clinic opened near the Kintetsu Railway's Yamato Saidaiji station.

The clinic is able to take a clinical psychology approach in its consultative response to the mental health issues faced by the residents of the region. The clinic functions as a facility for the education, research activities, and practical training of the graduate students in the Graduate Department of Sociology's Course in Clinical Psychology, and serves to further cultivate the specialists engaged in work at the psychological clinic.

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