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Faculty of Sociology

To deepen our understanding of the society we live in, the Faculty of Sociology conducts research on the sociological and psychological aspects of a wide range of contemporary topics, such as the problems of bullying, voluntary social isolation, juvenile delinquency, cell phone use, or the disposal of garbage.

Department of Psychology

Fostering experts of the heart and mind.

There is a rising concern about mental health in a variety of locales in contemporary society. There is a definite demand to identify and respond to a variety of problems, including education issues such as nonattendance at school, bullying, or suicide, or the increasing incidence of depression caused by stress at the workplace. Our Department of Psychology is dedicated to investigating how we as individuals can live full lives, taking into consideration human and family relationships in their studies of human growth and development and the deepening understanding of one's self. In all cases, the Department of Psychology utilises a practical and broad-minded approach in its investigation of the issues of the heart and mind.

Department of Sociology

Nurturing individuals who can work actively in local community and
business enterprises.

It is essential to "think globally, act locally" in contemporary society. The Department of Sociology is dedicated to helping students develop information literacy, an essential skill in contemporary society, as well as the ability to identify relevant issues for research. Students are encouraged to work with local enterprises, local administrative bodies, and NPOs in order to develop solutions to problems. It is expected that after graduation students will actively use information technology to encourage the revitalization of decaying regions and to start new businesses.

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