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About Nara University

In Nara-Japan's original capital-we've developed a unique system of education.

With more than a millennium of history, Nara is a place where one can breathe deeply the rich scents of nature and where the spirit of innovation intersects with the distant past. Deep in this heartland of ancient Japanese culture, on the southern border of the futuristic Kansai Science City stands Nara University. Making full use of this wonderful location and the stimulation of its environment, Nara University is continually leading the way with its unique, cutting-edge research. From the establishment of the Department of the Preservation of Cultural Properties, the first of its kind in Japan, to the introduction of its Geographical Information System, ranked as one of the top in Japan, Nara University is always in pursuit of a better research environment. Since first opening its doors in 1969, Nara University has constantly sought better means of education at the university level. Small class sizes provide a broad liberal arts education in tandem with a specialized education, incorporating both into the university curriculum.

With our eyes on the future, we at Nara University continue forward with more and more innovative changes.

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